Why St. Cyril?

There are many great schools in our community to choose from, each with something a little different....so why choose St. Cyril?

...Creating tomorrow's leaders through inspiration & innovation

Students teaching studentsOur tagline isn't just catchy, it's the truth! Tomorrow's leaders need a foundation of essential lessons to prepare them for a world not yet invented. What we mean by inspiration: faith, morals, kindness, hard work, love of learning...Give a man a fish, he's fed for a day; teach a man to fish, he's fed for a lifetime. What we mean by innovation: technology (including skills such as research, communication, collaboration and creativity), as well as critical thinking skills and project-based learning.

...the Whole Person

At St. Cyril, we pride ourselves on offering the best education to cultivate the whole person. For a successful life, we believe students must be prepared spiritually, academically and socially for the world we live in. We offer more than just academics; we offer an educational experience. St. Cyril of Alexandria prepares the students not just for the academic world, but for life in the bigger sense.


The school is departmentalized to enhance a student's ability to work with others, experience different classroom environments, increase community intimacy and thrive in an educational setting where differentiated learning is the objective.

Jr. High consists of seventh and eighth grade, Advanced Intermediate, fifth and sixth, Intermediate, third and fourth, Primary, first and second and then Kindergarten as its own. Students move in both homogenous and heterogeneous groups within their department.  For more information concerning departmentalization, visit the Campus page.

...Parental Involvement

Parents are the primary educator in their student's life; therefore, we want parents involved in the school experience. There are two different parent boards: School Board and PALS Board (P.A.L.S. = People Active in Learning Situations). The PALS Board coordinates the PALing commitments that each family is required to fulfill. Examples of PALing positions are working in the classroom, serving lunches, organizing events, helping around campus on the weekend and many, many more.

We've been told many times by parents, that the parental community here at St. Cyril is unmatched at any other school.

...Technology at Every Fingertip

The digital students of the 21st century enjoy and need technology incorporated into the classroom. Each classroom is outfitted with multiple PCs, a SmartBoard and an LCD projector.  Each department has a document camera, still and video cameras are used by students of all grades, there is mobile lab of thirty some laptops, as well as a Digital Resource Center, Kindergarten through second grade classrooms have a handful of iPads, a mobile iPad cart of twenty-five is available, and Chromebooks for each Advanced Intermediate and Jr. High student. Technology is infused into the core classrooms through a plethora of projects. For more information on our hardware and software, visit Technology.

...Enrichment Classes

Fifth through eighth grade students are given choices for their enrichment classes. These classes, offered trimesterly and changed yearly, offer students the chance for an alternative learning situation. Examples of these enrichment classes are Spanish (level 1, 2 or 3), Music Experience, Beginning Band, Advanced Band, Art, Geography, the Incredible Westward Movement, Science in Action, Service to Others, Speech and Debate, Hands On Math, Yoga and Mathematical Applications.

...Specialized Department Trips

Different departments have unique field trips. Each March the Primary Department celebrates Bowling with Dudes where students are accompanied by their dads, grandfathers, uncles, etc.

The Intermediate Department heads outdoors, too! As Edward Abbey said, "Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit." The students and teachers spend a day at Camp Cooper here in Tucson. Students participate in a variety of activities including, but not limited to, an astronomy lesson, desert activities and camp life.

Lastly, the eighth grade class is invited to spend four days together in Northern Arizona (Page and Grand Canyon areas) in what has become a fantastic retreat. Instead of a trip where students only talk with their few close friends, this retreat offers an experience unlike any other. Each year graduates are exceedingly impressed with the impact these four days have on them and their classmates as they head in to their graduation. The itinerary continues to evolve and is always subject to change but usually consists of a few activities: a fire pit reconciliation, a walk through the kaleidoscope of Antelope Canyon, a float trip from Glen Canyon Dam to Lee’s Ferry, Mass overlooking the Canyon, a hike down the South Kaibab Trail to Cedar Ridge, and swim time at Slide Rock just north of Sedona.

...Student to Teacher Ratio

Every department, Kindergarten through Jr. High, has a teacher's aide; this allows for a more hands on approach in the classroom. At an overall average of 15:1, we offer an educational environment that others cannot. Depending on the grade level, teacher's aides are utilized in many different manners.

...Buddy System

As a campus made up of five to fourteen year olds, students should feel safe and comfortable with all grade levels. To create that experience, Jr. High students are “buddied” up with a Primary student for several activities throughout the year. These activities have included cookie making and decorating, story-telling, neighborhood clean-up, movie times and other community-building festivities. Additionally, they are matched up for weekly Mass. Sixth graders are also matched up with Kindergartners for Mass.

...Theatre Arts

Kinder through Intermediate have departmental theatre expereinces while Advanced Intermediate and Jr. High students may choose a musical as an elective class. Plus, the entire school participates in a holiday program in the Church every December.

...We're Here for You

When you call our number, (520)881-4240, we actually answer the phone. This may seem like an inconsequential point until you actually want to talk to someone, not a machine, but a person. We believe having the person-to-person contact is more beneficial than an automated system... and we want a community experience, not a businesss transaction.

This is just a small sampling of what sets us apart from other schools. To learn more, view "A Day in the Life" (video), Mission & Philosophy, Religion & Morality, and Athletics.

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