In support of our tagline, "Creating Leaders Through Inspiration and Innovation," we inspire innovation through a myriad of technological avenues.

Examples of this are:

    • Campus-wide high speed internet and wi-fi access
    • Digital Resource Center for technology infused maker projects and multi-media creation
    • iPads or Chromebooks available for each student during technology based lessons and digital content creation
    • An interactive whiteboard in each classroom
    • Document cameras and projectors for each classroom
    • Subscriptions to cutting edge online multimedia content for use in classroom learning and activities
    • Data driven technology tools for student evaluations and remediation
    • Subscriptions to the latest Google and Microsoft software tools and operating systems
    • Sophisticated web filtering, antivirus and malware protection to keep student safe while still providing broad access to the world wide web and network resources

Digital cameras, both still and video, can be used by the students for projects. Kindergarten students have used them to create an alphabet video as well as Jr. High students for World War Two battle documentaries. Additionally, we are excited to say students in fifth through eighth grade are provided e-mail accounts (see below).

Digital Resource Center (DRC)

The Digital Resource Center is place for discovery and play. Technology is an exciting part of a student's daily life. The DRC is open to classes and individuals to use and enjoy. Technology standards are enfused into the core classes instead of a separate entity, so that students utilize technological devices with a purpose.

Student Email and Blogging

We are excited to be offering e-mail accounts to students in grades 5-8.  E-mail is the preferred method of communication for most adults, for both personal and business applications. Proficiency with e-mail is a vital component for students’ success with 21st century learning skills.

In order to meet curriculum objectives and provide students with practical email experience, we have obtained safe e-mail accounts for students in Grades 5-8 through Google Apps for Education.  The school controls the level of access, who they can communicate with and restrictions can be modified by the school as necessary.  As we begin this process, students will only be able to e-mail other students and their teachers.

We are excited about providing e-mail to our students and confident that by using Google Apps for Education as our provider, we are putting safety first. The first features the teachers are excited about using are the blogging tools.  These are filtered in the same manner as e-mails, and postings to blogs are reviewed by the teachers before they are entered in the blog.

For most, your child has a personal e-mail account, but for others, this will be their first encounter with e-mail.  We hope to offer them a safe place to learn how to properly communicate with their peers and teachers.  | Log on to email...

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