Religion & Morality

St. Cyril of Alexandria School is a community of faith which believes in the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The religious program of St. Cyril of Alexandria School presents the central doctrines and morals of the Catholic faith.

Religion is taught daily in each grade and is reinforced by a weekly Liturgy and community prayer service. All classrooms take turns providing the lectors and gift bearers throughout the year. 

To incorporate community building into the liturgy, Jr. High students "buddy-up" with Primary students and Advanced Intermediate students with Kindergarten. This gives the older students the opportunity to provide guidance and build leadership abilities. The younger students love looking up to their larger counterparts.


crossFruits of the Spirit

The school is shaping the character of its population with the Fruits of the Spirit. St. Cyril School realizes the pressures students face in their youth; Fruits of the Spirit is a program which strives to guide students in their decision making process with the realization that with every choice comes a consequence. Students will be recognized for demonstrating one of the nine Fruits of the Spirit as described in Galations 5:22-23: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Students focus on one fruit each month. Check out the video that helped introduce the students to the Fruits.

Discipline with a Purpose (DWP)

Discipline with a Purpose is premised on the Catholic Christian beliefs of the inherent goodness and value of every person. Each student is a child of God and as His cherished creation, deserves our respect and consideration.

The fifteen disciplines are (1.) Listening (2.) Following Instructions (3.) Questioning (4.) Sharing: Time, Space, People and Things (5.) Exhibiting Social skills (6.) Cooperating with Others (7.) Understanding the Reason for Rules (8.) Independently Completing a Task (9.) Exhibiting Leadership (10.) Communicating Effectively (11.) Organizing: Time, Space, People, Things (12.) Resolving Mutual Problems (13.) Taking the Initiative in Problem Solving (14.) Distinguishing Fact From Feeling and (15.) Sacrificing/Serving Others.

St. Cyril Cougar Creed

I believe in the strength of me.
I know the Holy Spirit guides my actions toward the greater good.
I am but one part of the global community, and it is my duty to take care of not only myself, but others around me.
I will think globally, nationally, and locally.
I recognize life as a series of choices and changes that shape who I am.
I am a dedicated student, leader, and friend.
I am an Active Christian, Life-long Learner, Effective Communicator, Responsible Citizen, and Self-Aware Individual.
I believe from hard work, responsibility, and self-discipline, I will find the self-reliance and confidence to live a successful and happy life.
Once a Cougar, always a Cougar.

Student Learning Expectations

The students learn the skills to develop into active christians, life-long learners, effective communicators, responsible citizens and self-aware individuals.

View the age-appropriate SLE's here: Kinder - 4th grade | 5th - 8th grade

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