Curriculum Maps

Listed below are the curriculum maps for the 2016-2017 school year. These are big-picture yearly plans which are always subject to change. Teachers may need to modify their original plan depending on the students' comprehension.

Kindergarten Primary Adv. Intermediate
Cumulative Core Writing: 1st | 2nd Lang. Arts: 3rd | 4th
Music Math: 1st | 2nd Math: 3rd | 4th
Spanish Science: 1st & 2nd Science: 3rd | 4th
P.E. Reading & Spelling: 1st | 2nd Social Studies: 3rd | 4th
Art Social Studies: 1st | 2nd Religion: 3rd & 4th
  Religin: 1st & 2nd Music
  Music Spanish
  Spanish P.E.
  P.E. Art
Adv Inter Jr. High  
Lang. Arts: 5th & 6th Lang. Arts: 7th | 8th  
Math: 5th | 6th Math: 7th | 8th  
Science: 5th & 6th Science: 7th | 8th  
Social Studies: 5th | 6th Social Studies: 7th | 8th  
Religion: 5th & 6th Religion: 7th | 8th  
*Enrichment Classes: *Enrichment Classes:  
Art Art  
Full-Steam Ahead Full-Stem Ahead  
Instumental: Beg. | Adv. Instumental: Beg. | Adv.  
Musical P.E.  
P.E. Robotics  
Robotics Service  
Spanish Spanish  
Technology Technology  


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